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Sunbelt Hamilton is located at:
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Hamilton, Ontario
Tel: 1-800-905-3557
Fax: (613) 526-0997
Email: [email protected]


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Sunbelt Business Brokers is Hamilton’s leading business brokerage. We specialize in building relationships that bring together buyers and sellers of privately held small and enterprise-level businesses across Hamilton.

Business brokers, also called business transfer agents, or intermediaries, assist business owners sell their businesses by matching screened buyers and streamlining the selling process.

Whether you are considering selling your business or contemplating a merger and or acquisition, as Hamilton’s premier business broker we can help you succeed in the transaction. As an intermediary between sellers and buyers of small and enterprise-level businesses we typically assess the value of the business; advertise it for sale with or without disclosing its identity; handle the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions, and negotiations with prospective buyers; facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation and generally assist with the business sale.

Sunbelt Business Brokers is unique in that we get to know business owners and operators and comprehensively assess their business needs. Often they require growth capital, equity partners or debt financing in order to succeed. We work diligently with the business to contribute our experience and business savvy garnered from helping other businesses who are faced with similar growth challenges

Since 1978, Sunbelt Business Brokers has evolved into a business brokerage network of 250 offices worldwide. Combined, we broker the sale of approximately 4,000 businesses each year.

Sunbelt Hamilton specializes in serving the buyers and sellers of small business in the Hamilton area.

Greg Kells

Gregory Kells, broker of record