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Feroze has over 30 years experience in the high tech IT environment. He has experience with the Government, Public and private sectors. Feroze has been Senior Business Analyst and project manager with multimillion dollar budgets. He has been Director of Marketing and General Manager of High Tech consulting companies. Since 1989 he has been President of IT consulting company. He was also involved with the manufacturing and marketing of the initial models of notebook computers; they are now known as Laptop computers. Feroze has taught a post graduate IT course at a Canadian University for over 5-6 years. In addition, Feroze has been active in the community as a volunteer; he has been General Secretary of a community association; under his secretary-ship the association started the first TV program for the community. He has been a captain of the Cricket club; under his captainship the club had won a cup from Quebec cricket federation. Feroze is a proud father of three grown up children and a grandfather of eight grandchildren. Feroze is enjoying the use of his analytical expertise, along with the project management and teaching experience, to enhance the service of Business Brokerage.