Why Sellers Choose Sunbelt Canada

No matter what size of business you are looking to sell, we have the expertise and resources you require. Our brokers follow a proven process that protects both buyers and sellers. It’s their job to get the right questions asked and answered and to help both parties achieve their goals.

Have You Ever Thought About Selling Your Business?

If so, you may have wondered: Is it saleable? How much risk is involved? Can I keep it private? What will I get for it? What do I need to do to get the most value?

Sunbelt sells more privately owned businesses than anyone else in the world

Businesses offered through business brokers have a much higher listing to closing rate than those offered through realtors or listed directly by business owners. Our business brokers are trained to sell businesses. And that’s what they do!

We have registered pre-qualified buyers

Our business brokers know the market and have access to a database of active buyers—owner-operators, financial buyers and strategic acquirers—looking for businesses.

Our extensive network of professional contacts among accountants, lawyers, bankers, business coaches, consultants, wealth planners, insurance experts, venture and entrepreneurial sources also ensures that active buyers in the market are routinely, and in some cases exclusively, referred to us.

We maximize value

Our brokers have expertise in valuation principles, financial statement analysis, taxation implications, inventory, goodwill and so on. They know how to optimize the value of your business to move it up the value chain.

We assure confidentiality

We respect your need for confidentiality and have protocols in place for advertising, disclosing information, and handling buyers in order to protect the seller and their business.

We minimize the risk

The lower the perceived risk to a buyer, the more a buyer can afford to pay and the more a seller will receive.

We focus on finding the right business for the buyer—starting the transaction with a buyer that has the necessary experience, skills, ethics, financial resources, risk tolerance and passion is more likely to lead both parties to a successful outcome.