Sunbelt sells businesses in all sizes and locations. Small businesses typically include franchised and non-franchised restaurants, retail stores, professional service firms, small manufacturers and a broad array of privately-held businesses.

Our Canadian offices benefit from access to an international network that coordinates the sale of some 4,000 small- and enterprise-level businesses each year.

To protect the privacy of our clients, we do not publish the selling price of any business or release other details of their transactions.

So, what can we tell you about the businesses Sunbelt Canada has sold?

We can tell you that our rate of success is much higher than the average for our industry in North America, where business brokers end up selling some 10% of the businesses they have been engaged to sell. We sell some 70% of ours.

We can tell you that from 2007 to 2014, selling prices for the small businesses we’ve sold, ourselves or through Sunbelt Mergers and Acquisitions, have ranged from $22 thousand to many 10s of millions of dollars. For practical purposes there is no upper limit to the size of deals we can manage.

For the most part, we work with a broad range of small businesses that fall into five main categories—services, retail, food and drink, manufacturing, and wholesale and distribution.

Businesses in the services category have ranged from construction to landscaping and horticultural services, dry cleaning and laundry services, moving services, beauty salons and personal care services, to those offering day care, private health care, publishing, janitorial, human resources, roofing, water filtration and a range of repair and maintenance services—automotive to marine crafts, to commercial and industry machinery and equipment. Ranges here have been from $30 thousand to $5 million. Businesses in the retail category have sold sporting goods, used merchandise, window treatments, books, flowers, computers, office supplies, metal and other products. Ranges here have been from $22 thousand to $3 million.

The food and drink category includes mobile food services as well as restaurants and cafeterias. Ranges here have been from $35 thousand to $2 million.

Businesses in the manufacturing category have produced signs, furniture, windows and doors, wood and other products. The wholesale and distribution category has included medical, dental and hospital equipment, lumber and other construction material and merchant wholesalers of non-durable goods. Ranges in these combined categories have been from $275 thousand to $3 million.

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