The following sampling of articles will help you get a better idea of the kind of exceptional service and results you can expect from Sunbelt Canada.

We are very proud of these public testimonials from happy sellers and we look forward to exploring how we can best serve your needs too, in buying or selling your business.


“Treat your business like a business.”

In the end, it pays off.

Take that advice from Nestor Romanuck, former owner of Promotion Tours of Edmonton.

That’s exactly what he did, then when it came time to sell Promotion Tours through Sunbelt Business Brokers, he ended up with a solid deal.

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Since 1981, Don Good had been running his own law firm specializing in cases involving food, agribusiness, farm law, and environmental law. A big focus was litigation. But by 2012, two factors came into play for Don: the readiness for a lifestyle change and a heart health issue that caused him to think about his future. Don listed his law firm for sale with Sunbelt Ottawa.

“It’s the best money I ever spent,” says Don.

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Early in 2011, Clyde Walton, owner of successful landmark toy store The Toy Shoppe of London, was approached by successful Toronto landmark toy retailer Mastermind Toys about selling his business.

Clyde decided to engage Sunbelt and follow the process they suggested. He ended up selling his business, but stayed on as manager, in what is now Mastermind Toys.

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In 2010, EJ and Don McGillis had three thriving toddlers. By March 2011, they were down to two. And by August 2011, they were down to one—their son, Spencer.

The reduction was a planned and happy one for all concerned, especially for the buyers of the two Edible Arrangements stores EJ and Don had raised from “birth” in Ottawa. With these two “babies” in good hands, the couple would have more family time for their own youngster. “It was our plan to sell the stores separately,” EJ explains.

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When it was time for popular Edmonton aesthetician Alicja Krzyzowska to find the right buyer for her skin care salon, she was happy to hand the job over to Sunbelt business broker Michael McCulloch.

She especially appreciated that he screened prospects to confirm their resources and potential to assume the business and only set up meetings with buyers he felt were serious. That allowed her to maintain her regular operations.

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“I couldn’t tell anyone I was selling,” says Laurence Way. “Customers can start to worry if they hear that a place is up for sale… is their money still there.”

“I knew the sale would be handled confidentially with Sunbelt,” adds Laurence. “They’re professionals. I bought the business (home decorating consignment) through them in 2003.”

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After selling his John Deere dealership of 44 years, John Williams gets to “fix” what he loves in his own time, including the rebuilding of antique steam engines.

Creative workarounds by Sunbelt office owner and president Greg Kells gave John and his wife ongoing income and made the purchase affordable for the buyer.

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Former Trytel Internet Inc. company owner Jeff Hurrie knew how to build a business but he didn’t know how to sell one.

“Sunbelt was critical in helping us put our best foot forward,” says Jeff. “They were amazing They were there above and beyond the call of duty. Another thing I liked about working with Sunbelt is that, in addition to their professionalism and expertise they are motivated because they don’t get paid unless they make the sale.”


Barbara Malone had listed her business of 20 years, Glebe Side Kids, with Sunbelt because she was acquainted with Sunbelt Canada President Greg Kells personally and believed he would handle the transaction fairly, honestly and professionally.

Both seller and buyer found his input and advice invaluable.

I was a complete novice, says Barbara. This was the first time I had ever been through selling a business and I was very happy with the service. Greg is a hard worker. He worked on the inventory with me and he was very helpful when it came to closing the transaction.

Buyer Christina McNab was equally effusive in her praise.

“Greg was very helpful in going through the steps involved in the process and prior to my buying Glebe Side Kids, Greg sent me on two buying trips to Montreal with Barbara, so that I could see what the process is, meet the suppliers, and get to know Barbara.”


Sam (Ahmed) Rabaa and his wife Maha were thrilled at the opportunity to move to California. But they faced one major hurdle: before they could leave Ottawa, Sam had to sell Studio Elegante, his successful hairdressing salon. Sam had tried to sell it privately but, at the 11th hour, the deal fell through.

Then Maha went on line and found Sunbelt Business Brokers, says Sam. “We called, reached agent Mark Cullen, met with him, and listed the business.”

Meanwhile, the three Bunsick kids finally were old enough for their mom, Nathalie, to make her foray into the business world. Owning a beauty salon topped her wish list. Husband Andrew went on line where, like Maha Rabaa, he discovered Sunbelt.

“Andrew was impressed with Sunbelt,” says Nathalie. “He used to be a banker so he knew what to look for. He researched several of the businesses that were listed with Sunbelt and the information was good.”

The Bunsicks contacted Sunbelt and sat down with agent Mark Cullen.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Taplen Construction was Henry Armstrong’s baby. But after four and a half decades of hands-on devotion to business, Henry was ready to retire. Like all caring parents, he wanted the best for his baby so he turned to the best- Sunbelt Business Brokers—to locate a suitable buyer. “I definitely didn’t want to close down the operation,” he says. “I have a lot of good people working for me and I wanted to make sure the company carried on.”

Impressed with Sunbelt’s client roster and philosophy, he listed Taplen Consrruction for sale with Sunbelt. He is delighted with the results. “Sunbelt’s staff is excellent,” he says. “They really kept things moving and got the sale done.”

After due consideration of two potential buyers, Henry opted to sell the business to Michael Assal, who moved his family back to Ottawa from Washington, D.C., where they were living when the opportunity surfaced.

“The transaction required me to spend a lot of time negotiating with Mr. Armstrong,” says Michael. “Sunbelt was very professional and often stepped in to facilitate when possible areas of conflict surfaced.

“Things well went from the first week I took ownership.”