There has never been a more exciting time to become a Sunbelt Franchisee! A large percentage of the world’s wealth is represented by small to medium-sized business owners. As we mature and the “Baby Boom” generation moves into retirement, we will witness the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. The opportunity for the business brokerage community is unparalleled as small to medium-sized business owners will require competent and professional assistance in the transfer of their most valuable assets to interested parties. Experienced business brokers and intermediaries are sought out by anyone seriously looking to sell or buy a business.

In addition, corporate downsizing has created a large supply of ready, willing and able buyers who are looking to replace their incomes and gain greater control of their careers. For some, it is almost a necessity to buy a business rather than attempt to re-enter the workforce late in the career lifecycle. If you are interested in the business brokerage profession, Sunbelt is the place to be. We are the largest network of business brokerage offices in the world, with twice as many offices and brokers as our largest competitor. We have been consistently rated the #1 business brokerage including having been selected as the recipent of the Canadian Consumers Choice Award each of the last 4 years .

The Advantage of Being a Sunbelt Franchisee

Our network allows you to share knowledge with some of the most seasoned and experienced business brokerage minds available. When followed, our proven Sunbelt system gives new franchisees an incredible advantage over those that choose to “go it alone.” In addition, Sunbelt is always on the lookout for new sources of revenue for our office owners.

We lever the size of our network in areas such as the sale and resale of national retail and service franchises, private equity, business valuations and more. Our mission is to give our office owners the competitive edge by providing the best in training and support services. To learn more about Canadian or international opportunities, contact Sunbelt Canada president Greg Kells at 613.731.9140 ext. 225 or [email protected] .